Festival Itn. [In tako naprej] is a festival of socially committed writing which is organized by younger generation to open space for discussions about and with literature.

Kikimore were invited to construct a soundscape for interpretation of personal letters of Ursula Le Guin, Harper Lee, Rosa Luxemburg, Anais Nin, Ayn Rand, Emily Dickinson, Simone de Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf and Tove Jansson. Their private letters reflect complexicity of historical moment and a valuable insight into the intimacy of an individual. During reading presentation of the letters authors became alive as artists, activists, lovers, friends, women which move the world’s borders…

Interpretation: Nataša Keser

Concept: Špela Frlic

Photo: Jošt Franko

  • Itn.: Naprej med knjige, article [Kristina Krajnc, Časnik Večer; 16 April 2018]
  • Šla je v reko, z žepi polnimi kamenja, article for Itn. Festival  [Matej Klarič,; 15 April 2018]
  • Itn. – In tako naprej [Facebook page]