Video: Hanna Juta Kozar

Dvocikel is an artistic residency hosted by Layer house in Kranj where two sound artists get an opportunity to create an audio formation and finish it with two performances in the Layer house and in Ljubljana. 

Urška Preis is a harpist, visual and sound artist who represents one half of the II/III duo and performs in solo and extended settings under the name rouge-ah. Her compositions traverse a wide genre-spectrum of electro-acoustic composition using field recordings, noise and drone ambient and a variety of digital and analogue processing of an acoustic and electric harp. 

  • 30 October 2020 [Layer house, Kranj]
  • LINKS:

  • Naj bodo rože with rouge-ah for Dvocikel [Sigic – Slovenian Music Information Center; 6 November 2020]
  • Dvocikel: rough-ah X Kikimore [Radio Student; 2 November 2020]
  • Photo: Maša Pirc / Layer House