KIKIMORE  is a collective of female sound researchers walking the line between noise and ambient electronic improvisation.

Origin of the name Kikimora comes from eastern Slavic mythology where Kikimora is a female house spirit known for producing weird noises and sounds during the night.

Sound scapes are constructed units or dimensions, allowing flexibility and variety in musical structures making them scalable and modular. The compositions are devised based on experimentation and improvisation within a basic structure, focusing on each member’s personal expression. The composition is a search for  patterns, for combinations of sounds, rhythms and dynamic manipulations, exploring the way in which mostly DIY analog electronic instruments and their users interact and respond to each other. Kikimore’s perfomances are modular and they tour in different constellations where a minimum of three members is required.

Members of the collective: Kati Flowerfields, Staša Guček and Sara Pegam.