KIKIMORE is a collective of female sound researchers walking the line between noise and ambient electronic improvisation.
Photo: Urška Preiss


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Synthesizer builders and performance collective Kikimore construct intricate tactile instruments to make their spirited  noise, Abi Bliss.

Photo: Urška Preiss

SIGIL – a tempting and mysterious debut, which marks the first five years of the all-woman collective of sound researchers

Digital album an Limited Edition USB booklet available on bandcamp

Stream available on https://pretok.tv/

Photo: Aleš Rosa

Theme of Festival of Contemporary Electronic Music and Transitory Art – Sonica was Sentinels. Think about guarding and isolation as two faces of the same coin. Sentinel species [like canaries in a coal mine] are how Kurt Vonnegut understood the role of artists, or as the Sentinelese tribe, an isolated tribe that has no contact with civilisation and refuses it.

Photo: Katja Goljat